OUR MISSION - - to conserve, protect and

restore ecologically significant lands within

the Chehalis River Basin.

Welcome to the Chehalis River Basin Land Trust. 

We have a vision -- vibrant local communities rejoicing in abundant clean water, strong fish runs, diverse wildlife and open spaces.


We are a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving natural lands in the Chehalis River Basin.

 These natural areas define western Washington and are the character of our local communities.



The Chehalis River basin

  - drains 2,660 square miles of land

  - has eight (8) major sub-basins

  - each sub-basin has a number of creeks, anywhere from 2 to 12

   - sub-basin problems identified in 1996 include: dissolved oxygen,

         temperature, fecal coliform and PCB's

  - the major population centers are Chehalis, Centralia,            

         Aberdeen, and Hoquiam

Your support is an investment in the future of these communities and the Chehalis River basin, the second largest river basin in Washington State.

















  There will soon be a new look to this website, thanks to a grant from the Community Foundation of South Puget Sound.  This is one of the goals set by the Board of Directors for 2016.  Like all of nature, humans are constantly changing, making lives better.















   Did you know that new studies are being done to provide scientific data which will guide legislators and land owners in the future.  The State Dept. of Fish and Wildlife is studying amphibians -- learning about species who have long lived in the basin and how humans and perhaps climate change will impact their survival.  Fish counts done by the Chehalis Tribe will show what species call this river basin home.  Another DFW study uses solar energy to record how juvenile fish move up and down stream; they may travel over 4 miles.


The Chehalis River Basin Land Trust now protects

nearly 4,000 acres of valuable habitat in the basin.

   Our promise is to protect these lands forever.










   What science learns becomes a story about this place we love and call home.  The multitude of species and places in this basin interact every day.  You can be a part of the action!  Join us or donate to our work.

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